Public School Defenders Hub

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Our Mission

The mission of the Public School Defenders Hub is to proactively reduce the proliferation and detrimental impacts of anti-public school extremists. We provide support to parents, organizers, activists and school board member K-12 Public School Defenders on the ground.

Our Vision

Our vision involves making strategic resources, tools, support network contacts, opposition references, funding/media and pre-emptive coalition interventions readily accessible to K-12 Public School Defenders.

Our Programs

We maintain a number of strategic operational programs to support parents, coalition partners, board members and public school advocates. Our programs include:

  • Partner & Participant Coalition – proactive collaboration with leading public school advocacy groups and professional associations to promote common goals
  • Rapid Response – on demand encrypted text platform for use by a network of district level grassroots leaders, providing resource information and organizing support
  • Online Resource Library – easy-to-access articles/information and talking point infographics focused on a number of critical public school topics
  • Monitors & Observers Training – quarterly attorney-led in person and online training intended to prepare volunteers to spot Education Code & Brown Act violations for escalation
  • Enforcement & Ad-Hoc Workgroups – advocacy relationship building with elected officials, public education and engagement in support of good public policy
  • Counter-Disinformation Media – targeted social media themed campaigns to educate the public with facts and supported by coalition partner amplification
  • Newsletters & Updates – weekly digital communication with calls to action and information on Defenders Hub program progress and planning
  • Semi-Annual Coalition Partners Summit – in person forum for coalition partners & participants to interact and engage with one another & with the Defenders Hub leadership team
  • Programs Sustainability – ongoing fundraising work with public school advocates, groups and grant funders to ensure continued success and effectiveness of our professional organization

Our Partners

Defenders Hub coalition partners work collaboratively to achieve our mission of proactively countering anti-public school efforts. Some of the ways we combine efforts include:

  • Contributing materials and promoting access to the Defenders Hub Resource Library
  • Distributing Defenders Hub media across organization networks
  • Contributing priority legislative and enforcement focus
  • Signing on to key public school defense communications
  • Recruiting volunteers for board Monitors & Observers training
  • Supporting Defenders Hub Rapid Response
  • And many other ways


To realize the mission of the Public School Defenders Hub and proactively reduce detrimental impacts of anti-public school extremists, we rely on the expert input and advice of a small group of Hub Advisors, whose role includes:

  • Providing executive guidance
  • Contributing ideas, ongoing feedback, and brainstorming
  • Sharing personal networks, recommending/supporting Coalition Partners
  • Helping to get word out about the Defenders Hub program
  • Amplifying content distribution
  • Contributing to sustainability


Defense Fund

As a program of CPI 501(c)(3), the Defenders Hub provides nonpartisan factual information to our networks and to the broader public education community. CPI is actively pursuing grants, individual contributions, and fundraising for operational expenses and to seed statewide expansion. Supporters are encouraged to make tax-deductible donations here.

Supporters are encouraged to make tax-deductible donations:

    • Contemporary Policy Institute
    1475 S. State College Blvd. Ste. 202

Anaheim, CA 92806