Fact-Driven. Issue-Based.

We live in an era where facts, and factual evidence, are often omitted from discussions of public policy.
  • From women’s rights to immigration;
  • From public education to gun control;
Our mission is to provide a factual framework of the salient issues so that partisan positions can be debated, but not factual evidence of those positions.
Public School Defenders Hub:

We Support Organizers, Activists, Parents and School Board Members.


The growing polarization in America is often manifested at the ground level at public schools and school districts. Since the pandemic, there has been a spotlight on public education in local communities that has been so far unprecedented. It’s not just public-school curriculum, but health mandates as well. School diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and more are all now under scrutiny if not attack.


Contemporary Policy Institute Supports Wound Walk OC.  Would Walk OC tends to the wounds of our unsheltered in Orange County, California. Our Mission is the direct relief for those who need it most. We have a wound wagon filled by items donated by people like you. What we do is deliver relief so that they might catch their breath for a moment, feel a connection – we won’t stop until some can recognize themselves in a mirror someday. Wound Walk recently acquired a new custom vehicle that will be deployed to the Inland Empire. Click  on the video to learn more. 

Technology, People and Labor

Future of Work

Resources, learning and insight to develop new skills, nurture new business ideas and position today’s workers for career development in the digital 21st century environment.


Insight, information and vision for how humans will work in an environment of remote, virtual and automated systems.


Practical and useful information about the emerging technologies that are driving change in systems, in human productivity and in organizations.

Education & Training

We offer information and educational products in multiple formats -- live, virtual, video and print -- to help real people navigate a rapidly changing work environment.